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‘And say! My Lord, Increase me in Knowledge.’ (20:114)

Mission Statement

Our aim is to create a caring and warm atmosphere within which pupils can develop their full potential.

Through the teaching and practice of Islam, in the light of the Quran and Sunnah, we aim to develop a love for Allah (SWT) and confidence in their identity as young British Muslims.

By providing stimulating and differentiated work, setting tasks and goals that are achievable to all, we aim to acknowledge and actively encourage all abilities within the school.  Our target is to continuously assess and positively reward the effort and progress made by our pupils.  We have high expectations of our pupils not only in academic excellence but also in standards of behaviour, appearance and character, both inside and outside the school.

We aim to equip our pupils with skills to face the challenges of today’s changing world by encouraging communication, personal growth and confidence at all levels.

We aim, Insha’Allah, to maintain close cooperation between the school, parents and the wider community.

Welcome to our School

In 1993, a group of Muslims set about establishing a playgroup which would cater for the needs of young British Muslim children. Following on from the success of the playgroup and the growing demand for a high quality Primary Education within an Islamic context, the Manchester Islamic Educational Trust was formed in 1994 and set about establishing the first Muslim Primary School in Manchester. Alhamdulillah, 23 years later, with the support of the parents and wider community the school is flourishing.

MMPS is a fully Independent Primary School which caters for children aged 3 to 11 years old. The school is DfE registered, follows the National Curriculum and alongside this, it offers lessons in Quran, Arabic, French and Urdu. We are supported by a highly skilled staff with a wealth of teaching experience and a passion for education, along with dedicated and supportive parents. Together we have established a cohesive team and a determination to prepare our children for life as citizens of our society. Our high standards and academic success were recognised by OFSTED during our last full inspection. Further the results from MMPS KS2 test results speak for themselves and continue to be well above the national standard.

Please see our SATs results and Ofsted Report in the Academic Life section.


The MMPS Nasheed Squad performed beautifully at the Islamic Relief Honouring Our Mothers High Tea, which took place at the British Muslim Heritage Centre on Saturday 16th March. They sang nasheeds in English, Urdu and Arabic and used the daff as an accompaniment. Looking forward to our next event. ...

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Reception learned how to spot the fair trade sign, what types of items it is found on and how buying fair trade items ensures we are not trapping workers who grow our food or make our clothes and toys and mobile phones etc in poverty and misery, or benefitting from child labour.

We learned that chocolate grows on trees! But that the cacao seed tastes very bitter and so it takes a long time and lots of effort to turn it into chocolate. We tasted some chocolate and tried to use our senses to describe the differences.

We made bananas on toast and sweetened them even more by adding some honey-then we had a picnic!

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Striving For Excellence

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