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The school assemblies and Islamic teachings involve reflections on pupils’ behaviour which helps them to distinguish between right and wrong’. (Ofsted 2010)

Year 5 recently delivered an assembly to their peers, parents and school trustees on The Amazon Rainforest and the Effects of Deforestation on Indigenous Population. They performed the poem below, to showcase their elocution skills, with a focus on voice projection and intonation.

Infants: Foundation Stage and Key stage 1 hold their assemblies once a week on Fridays from 9.10-9.30am. A wide variety of topics are covered and each class also prepares and delivers an assembly for their parents. Last terms topics included: Remembrance Day, Prophets of Allah & friendship.

Junior: Key stage 2 pupils have assemblies on Tuesday morning from 9.10-9.30am and on Friday afternoon. Each class also presents an assembly for their parents and the school presents a hajj assembly annually. Topics covered include: Stories of the Prophets, Remembrance Day, The life of Nelson Mandela and current

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T: 0161 445 5452 F: 0161 445 2283