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Welcome from the Head Teacher

At some point in time we all ponder the future and reflect on the past. We think about the opportunities we had and of those we utilised and those that were lost. In raising our children, parents often reflect upon their own educational experiences and set these as a benchmark. We think of academic excellence coupled with moral character and standing. We think about our children as the future and ponder the contributions they may make. In doing so, we are naturally drawn to the example of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), the best of creation, demonstrating exemplary conduct and moral standing even amongst his enemies. In fact, the prophet Muhammad (saw) was a model citizen.

It is our conduct that defines us as who we are. So what better example to follow than the example of our beloved Prophet (saw)? In present day society there is a need for British citizens of exemplary moral standing. Our aim is to use the example of our Prophet (saw) and nurture citizens that will make exemplary moral contributions to our rich and diverse society.

Striving For Excellence

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